Monday, December 6, 2010

Mr. Postman bring my free cards to me....

Wait Mr. Postman!
Ever since we learned the joy of online bill pay, we find that we don't use stamps much. Usually they are reserved for occasionally mail or the bill that we sometimes find that there isn't a way to pay online (gasp!). I am determined to send out Christmas cards this year. We have a rather spotty record with getting cards to the mailing stage. Usually it is because I don't have any stamps...or stamps any higher than a 42 cents. (What are they up to now, anyway?)
So it is December and I've been thinking for a month and a half that I have to get started on my Christmas cards...Enter Shutterfly. I love Shutterfly because I can send out a picture (or pictures) of our girls as the card instead of buying separate cards and slipping in snapshots. The quality is wonderful, so when Christmas is over, if you want you can cut the card and put it in a frame. So I start to browse through the cards when I see a blog post from my friend Liz about free cards.
Yep....seriously...Shutterfly is giving away 50 free cards.
We love free, especially if it was something we wanted to buy anyhow.
I am a huge fan of Shutterfly's photo cards that we had the invitation for my parents' 30th anniversary party made with a picture from their wedding day. We just thought that they (and everyone else) would enjoy the picture of them leaving the church smiling. It is one of my personal favorites.

Wouldn't it be fun to personalize invitations for your next party with a picture?

We still haven't made up birth announcements for Rebecca Jean (See previous post about Maggie's lack of participation...) but now that we have a few photos we need to get on that...she is only 2 isn't THAT bad...yet....:)

But I have to say that I LOVE the new story cards they have! It combines the letter that I always would like to send out with the pictures so they aren't separate. I am so torn between collage cards and the ones with a story line inside. There also is a great one called a Year in Pictures that could be wonderful for a birthday invitation that has a photo from each month.

Want in on this awesome promotion? Check out Shutterfly for more info!

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  1. we didn't find free cards but we did great free shipping on our Christmas cards thanks to Hallmark :) Expect a card soon ;)


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