Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We just got back from trick-or-treating. Maggie was less than impressed, but cute in her fleece ladybug costume, and Katie was LADYBUG GIRL! (cute book, check the local library or read it in the aisle at Target) Nothing like pushing it to the last minute--I was placing the snaps on the cape 10 minutes to 6. I made Katie a red tutu and glued black puffs on the skirt and we wove red and black ribbons around a headband and made antenae with pipe cleaners and puffs. OF course we had the super cape! I made a ladybug applique this afternoon with felt and sewed it onto a cape made from Katie approved materials (gold lame from the remnants bin at Hancock Fabrics and part of an old black skirt). I think it looked pretty cool, but I am biased. = )

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