Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sunbonnet Suzy finished!

To read about how I made these blocks, see this post.

I finished the blocks during Joe and Layla's visit, as we rested our pregnant bodies on the couch. I only planned on making 4 blocks so that it would be a small doll quilt, so it didn't take too long to assemble. I made the quilt blocks 9 x 7 inches and the sashing was 2 inches wide. I decided to go with 4 inches for the border to help keep the look of the original that my great-grandma made.

This flowered print matched nicely for the back, and I made binding from the same yellow as the front.
Originally I thought that I would hand quilt it, but changed my mind once I basted the layers together...
Overall happy with how it looks.


  1. Pretty! I used to love making quilt tops, but I HATE hand- quilting!! My mom used to have one of those gigantic quilting machines --that was SWEET!! I don't know what I'll get back to doing after I get more time... The only thing I use the sewing machine for now is repairs and sewing on Daisy badges.

  2. Amazing!!! Wow I am so so impressed. I was purusing my gogole reader and I thought your blog post was from one of my craft blogs.

  3. WOW!! Your quilt is darling, you have an amazing talent! So cute!

  4. Hey can we come visit you tomorrow and see your awesome quilt? Or meet up in Hershey if you're not up for company.

  5. sighs!
    i enjoy swooning over your lovely pictures!
    they are all kinds of fancy!
    thanks for sharing them with the world!


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