Monday, November 24, 2008

American Girl

Katie is a supergirl, American Indian style. In school last week, they talked about American Indians (we used to sit Indian style in Kindergarten, but now it is criss-cross applesauce) and Katie made a headress, or as she calls it, her American hat, or American crown.
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Friday, November 21, 2008

While Katie sleeps....

Maggie plays with her toys!
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I spy John at work

Check it out: John is on the company's website....

Summer Recap

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criss cross coasters

I needed coasters for the living room so I thought that I would whip some out on the sewing machine using this tutorial:

Still need to work on taking pictures though....

It's snowing!

We are getting our first day of snow this season (over an inch already) and Katie is up at Grandma and Pappa's for the weekend. We are going to miss her so much but she was so excited between the snow and her trip. She was up and when she saw the snow was pulling on her winter jacket, boots, and mittens ready to has been pretty lonely here for the last few hours while Maggie has been napping.

Katie has been really excited about crafts and has made a few ornaments so far with pipe cleaners and beads. It isn't even December yet, so our house will be covered soon....she is taking orders though watch her pricing.....= ) Some items sell at 4090 dollars and others for 50 cents. She does have a credit card swiper on her cash register.

Katie did a really cute job singing with the cherub choir this Sunday. She can't wait, they sing 2 times in December (one is Christmas Eve service in the evening if anyone is interested in seeing her in person.) Too bad I didn't continue taping during Children's time because there was frisbee throwing involved and an unfortuate throw into the congregation.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Maggie cuts a tooth

Title says it all...Maggie's first tooth! Her bottom right tooth poked through Monday with little to do about it. She was much crankier last night though.

Other milestone: same night she started to crawl backwards! She is most accomplished in naked mode right before bath, but she put on a show tonight while Katie was at cherub choir. She so wants to go forward but ends up stuck in reverse. She can rotate well though....balances on her belly with feet up supergirl style and does hand-over-hand.

Katie has been camping in her room the last few nights under a tent of blankets....never saw her so happy for bed.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's over....

the election, that is, but don't worry: the commentary will go on and on. On the plus side, no one was at the polls when I showed up with last names H-P so I was done withing 3, yes, THREE minutes. Katie was sad she forgot to pick out her candy bars from good old Mars. Mommy, not so sad.

Katie had her first "real" dance class last night at Raven Dance Studio in Maytown, and she loves it! Considering the other girls have been in the class since the 1st week of September, she picked up on what they were doing rather quickly. And a request for 2 bean bags for Christmas for her own leaping game at home.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

Finally! No matter who you are voting for, I'm sure we are all ready for this to be over and move forward.

Katie can't wait to hit the polling booths...the local m&M/mars plant hands out full size candy bars while you wait.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Maggie's first food

Ok, this is a little late getting on, but Maggie is LOVING eating out of a spoon. She gets really into it with kicks and arm flaps, leaning into it, trying to hold the spoon herself. All-in-all, really cute. (of course!)

Knock on wood, to date she is less messy than Katie was when she was starting to eat....even with yummy carrots.