Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Crazy Summer

I know summer's not over yet, but with Katie starting back to school in less than a week, I thought a little visual re-cap might be in order. Most of the pictures are from our trips to Grandma's and Sesame Place (just in case you thought Cookie Monster and Zoe were at Grandma's, too).

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If the girls are Princesses, does that make me Queen?

OK, so this is a few weeks old, but we have been in constant motion it sometimes feels like. Really the reason is that our computer acts like it is 80 years old sometimes and I lose patience before I finish a post. :)

The top picture is a shot of Katie and Maggie dressed up to meet the Princess of Dutch Wonderland. She came to the Elizabethtown Library to host story time and the girls had fun getting all dressed up. Seriously, we spent 2 hours primping Katie as if it were her first dance, but that is part of the fun with girls, right? I've been waiting for the days that I could put her hair up in curls.
A shot of Maggie (in dress up Cinderella shoes!) with her ever-present pal, Monkey.

After some persuasion from big sister, Maggie joined in the picture of the three princesses. I'm thinking Princess of Dutch Wonderland could be a fun job for Katie in 10 years, right?
Maggie is now completely in fancy dress and dress up shoe mode. Never mind she has perfectly acceptable normal shoes to wear...her choices of footwear fall between dress up shoes with heels and Katie's flip flops. Yep, got her a pair of flip flops in her size. I'm told that they aren't big enough. Hmmmm....