Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Meeting" Curious George

Most people know how much Maggie loves Monkeys. Her pal Monkey goes everywhere with us (with blanket) and he is becoming a part of the family by getting his teeth cleaned at the dentist and everything. I have visions of them going in her backpack to preschool and I still shudder when I remember foolishly taking her to get her flu shot without her loveys. Not a good plan, eh?

Anyway, back to George. We love Curious George and are thrilled that we get to see him on PBS. (When Katie was her age they still showed teletubbies and boobah which were just odd. I'll leave it at that.) Elizabethtown library has a "Snorey time" program that kids come in pjs to hear stories and meet characters. And Curious George was coming!!!

We signed up a month in advance but nothing went right. Becky was about 6 weeks old and delayed us a bit. Then Maggie delayed us further with an opinion about footwear. (No you cannot where dress up high heels in the cold, Margaret.) So we would have been on time, but no spots in the parking lot. We went to the municipal lot...all we drove to another lot and got a space as someone was leaving. By the time we parked, unloaded, and walked to the library and up the stairs the librarian finished 2 of the 3 stories.

Maggie spies the giant George and immediately started to whimper into my pant leg. So thankfully Becky was asleep in her car seat because I had to cuddle Maggie (and blanket and Monkey) to assure her that it was OK that George was as tall as Mommy. (Seriously people, would the man in the yellow hat be the same size as George? Think about it, of course it scared her.)

So thankfully it was time for a craft (Monkey puppets.) Maggie wanted to glue first, but we had to listen to Katie's discourse on the merits of coloring first and gluing second. So George is ready to leave and thinking of all the trouble we went to get get there, I try to talk the girls into a picture with George. I get a "uh-uh" from Maggie (she is looking at me like ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) and Katie tells me that she is too old for George. OK. So I do what any other neurotic mom would do and get them to stay in front of me with George safely 15 yards behind them holding the puppets just so I have a shot of them with George.
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