Thursday, September 24, 2009

HersheyPark with the Billses

We had a great time on Saturday at HersheyPark with the Billses. We were very happy (and very lucky) to share the beautiful day with such cute cousins, and we hope they had fun, too.
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Special K: Katie's first day of Kindergarten

At our front door, and outside the school.
Lining up in the hallway, before asking me to stop taking pictures.
Classic Katie moment: the kids were told to form a single-file line on a silver line (basically a seam in the tiles) to walk down to their classroom. About three steps in to her walk, Katie starts tight-rope walking, arms out and everything.
We love our little grown-up girl! Thank goodness we still have Maggie to cuddle...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The one-dollar skirt

Katie and I got a chance to go to the local resale shop and found this skirt on the 1.00 clearance rack. Actually it was a junior's size 9, but it was so cute I figured that if I messed it up, it had new life waiting as a quilt block.....

I took it in on both of the side seams and serged the edges--flaring out when I got to the skirt part to keep with the shape.

Not perfect but a really cute skirt for Katie to play in!
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Happy Birthday Katie! part I

At Katie's party...two pics of the birthday girl, Uncle Joe reading cards during presents, and decorating cookies with the kids.
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More Idlewild....Ball Pit!

Can you find all the cute girls in these photos?
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Catching up: Idlewild trip August 16th

Katie, Maggie and John on the Turtles.

A wave from the girls on the boats.

Josie holding Mirabella, Katie, Maggie, and Sophia--waiting for the Trolley! Maggie seemed to like this most of all!

Two cute girls out for a cruise...
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