Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Introducing a sibling for Katie and Maggie...

Emily kindly pointed out to me that I have been slacking on the blog...I didn't mean too...but I really did!

Maybe this can be an acceptable excuse???

We have until September to meet this newest member of our family, but I think we can't rely on Katie for name help. Her input so far has been Backpack and other items she saw when looking around the room. Then again, maybe that is how the celebrities do it...
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Maggie turns 2!

And where are the pictures???? Ummm...Mommy must not have took any! We have a picture of Katie in her pjs in the morning with some monkeys that a friend loaned us to decorate with for Maggie (she is a big fan of monkies...) I have a picture of Maggie the night before playing dress-up...and a picture of our two monkies playing with Grandma. We do have some video...hmmm...maybe we can upload that?

Springtime fun

Maggie on her tricycle...

Katie on her new bike from Christmas...

On the slide at Rapho Township Park...
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snow Days...

Ok, I know it is old news, but I couldn't resist sharing Maggie in her bear hat and Katie playing with a friend in 2 ft of snow. This was from the first storm and we got 20 inches 5 days later.

We started to run out of space to put it all...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Chocolate World with the Pitcavages

I didn't get many good pictures this day, but here is Lilly and Katie, and Lilly, Katie and Maggie in their factory worker hats.
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Maggie's first pigtails!

You can tell this picture is from February...see all the snow out our window?
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Trip to Hands On House

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Coloring Wallet

Made this for Lilly as something fun to take with her. It is big enough for a 5 x 7 inch notebook and I used twistable crayons for the extra fun factor. I need to work out a better way to do the binding was tough to sew through all the layers and didn't come out as neat as I would have liked.

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Katie's Legos

Katie sporting her crazy hair-do and dress up clothes while showing off the lego house that she and Daddy built.
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Christmas 2009

We spent Christmas up at Mom's house...

Katie with Uncle Doug and Brittany....

Maggie with her baby doll in her stroller...

Grandma and the girls
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