Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This was the only picture that turned out. Yep. One.

I felt pretty brave tonight and took the girls trick-or-treating by myself since John was at work.

Becky wasn't in the picture, but she was off to the right in her car seat all snuggled up in her little hat and blankets. We took the double stroller, while it seemed silly when Maggie was walking in the beginning, I was so thankful for it when we got down the street and Maggie needed a lift.

If you didn't realize, Katie is supergirl and Maggie made her own costume...a butterfly ballerina. Katie went to most of the houses with her friends and Maggie, Becky and I just tried to keep up (again, much easier when Maggie was IN the stroller, not collecting leaves for her crumbly leaf collection.) The bags were filled with candy accordingly (Katie's very full, and Maggie's rather empty) so we might need to divide the candy in (shall I say it?) a more socialist way...
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy 1 Month, Becky!

I can't believe a month has gone by since we got to meet our smallest princess. Becky is growing so fast, becoming more alert, and will crane her neck to find her sisters when she hears them. I know the next 11 months will go fast too.

Like the little "1 month" circle? You can download your own for free here:
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Maggie's Morning

On Monday we were all up early.
We got Katie off to school, and Becky was fed and went back to sleep.
Since it was such a beautiful day, I asked Maggie if she wanted to go for a walk, which she happily ran to get her shoes. Her little legs can really go! We did a large loop around the development, stopping from time to time to pick up leaves (One of her favorite things to collect, though Daddy banned them from coming inside the house because of a couple of leaf crumbly messes we had.) which if I remember correctly is somewhere around a 1/3 mile.

We ended up at home, with the perfect opportunity for Maggie to get to play with the rake since Katie was at school. Our trip to target resulted in this clearance purchase, and what better way to trick the girls into doing chores (or instill great work ethic? Does that sound better?).

I hope the weather holds for a while...this is my favorite weather.
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Our three girls

Double Big sister Katie holding Becky....

Big sister Maggie holding Becky (kind of...)

I love our girlies!
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Becky's Best Sister

Excuse my cheesy talking during the video, but it is easy for forget in a few months how old she was when I might look at the video a year from now.

The fun part of this video is Katie and Maggie at the end arguing who Becky likes best.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Becky pictures

Upper left is Becky in her swing, just kind of relaxing;
Big Sister shots, then one from today with Becky just relaxing on the duckie quilt that Grandma made before I turned her over for tummy time, or as Daddy calls it, 'torture time'.

Becky is getting into a bit of a schedule now, as much as a 2 week old can. She is more alert and loves to lay on a blanket during the day. She started to sleep in her crib this week, too. I already feel that she is growing too fast.
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Poor Missy



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Applesauce Uh-Oh

The new thing I tried to do this year is make applesauce. So I took the girls to the Farmer's Market and got a bunch of seconds apples. You would think that since I never did this before I would get a small amount and try it out. Somehow my pregnant brain reasoned it would be much better to make applesauce out of a bushel of apples. So away we went.

It was pretty easy, but Katie was my helper with the sugar and cinnamon. Can't see any problems there, right? Since I didn't find any real recipes with amounts we just tried to do it by taste, but some of the batches are pretty sweet and cinnamon tasting. So....maybe some adjustments for next year?

Maggie (and Katie) are still fans of it, and this is from when Katie was at school and Maggie wanted applesauce for a snack. I left the container on the table while I was doing dishes and when I didn't immediately come over when she asked for more, she decided to help herself.

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Maggie Goes Shopping

(This was from a few weeks ago, but since our computer wasn't working much at all, it was difficult to post some cute pictures, so excuse going backward a bit.)

This weekend John took Katie out to Pittsburgh to meet our new nephew, Timmy. Since I wasn't allowed to travel that far anymore and Maggie wouldn't do an out and back long trip in a day well, she and I went to church. Now that she isn't as clingy to Mommy, the church nursery is the funnest place ever, and I usually come back to some sort of tea party in the kitchen area.

As a special treat, I took her to Darrenkamp's afterward to pick up some milk and a treat and she got to push her own cart. Even though I probably looked a little nutty taking her picture in a grocery store, I couldn't resist because she was so cute.
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Introducing Rebecca Jean

Rebecca Jean joined our family on September 28th at 8:54 pm.
7 pounds, 10.9 ounces and 20 inches long
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