Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting Portaits

I love having pictures of the girls, but I don't love the process.

Usually I just end up a sweaty mess by the end of it from the stress of keeping outfits clean, hair in place and people happy and cooperating.

Maggie wasn't a fan this time. She cooperated for a family photo and we got a single picture of the 3 girls (Becky really slid down so you can't really see her in it.) Afterward, Maggie let us know she would not be taking Maggie pictures.

Katie loves it...when Maggie said no thankyou to her turn, Katie piped up that she would like more taken of her. (This is also the girl that announced that she would like the 8 x 10 from her school pictures to go on the wall of her room.)

Becky slept through most of the whole session.
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