Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This was the only picture that turned out. Yep. One.

I felt pretty brave tonight and took the girls trick-or-treating by myself since John was at work.

Becky wasn't in the picture, but she was off to the right in her car seat all snuggled up in her little hat and blankets. We took the double stroller, while it seemed silly when Maggie was walking in the beginning, I was so thankful for it when we got down the street and Maggie needed a lift.

If you didn't realize, Katie is supergirl and Maggie made her own costume...a butterfly ballerina. Katie went to most of the houses with her friends and Maggie, Becky and I just tried to keep up (again, much easier when Maggie was IN the stroller, not collecting leaves for her crumbly leaf collection.) The bags were filled with candy accordingly (Katie's very full, and Maggie's rather empty) so we might need to divide the candy in (shall I say it?) a more socialist way...
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