Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Applesauce Uh-Oh

The new thing I tried to do this year is make applesauce. So I took the girls to the Farmer's Market and got a bunch of seconds apples. You would think that since I never did this before I would get a small amount and try it out. Somehow my pregnant brain reasoned it would be much better to make applesauce out of a bushel of apples. So away we went.

It was pretty easy, but Katie was my helper with the sugar and cinnamon. Can't see any problems there, right? Since I didn't find any real recipes with amounts we just tried to do it by taste, but some of the batches are pretty sweet and cinnamon tasting. So....maybe some adjustments for next year?

Maggie (and Katie) are still fans of it, and this is from when Katie was at school and Maggie wanted applesauce for a snack. I left the container on the table while I was doing dishes and when I didn't immediately come over when she asked for more, she decided to help herself.

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