Saturday, December 13, 2008

We won! We Won!!!

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Two weeks ago I got an email from Amy at Cuddle Up Blankets to let me know that I was the monthly winner! I had happened onto her site while blog-hopping and thought that they were the cutest blankets. I never seem to win (Even though we have plans of what we would do with the millions that we would get from the lottery, we never play...) so this was really cool. I got to pick out my favorite!
Most of Maggie's blankets are hand-me-downs from Katie so it was fun to pick something out for Maggie, especially since she loves blankets. She can't seem to sleep without one to grab in her tiny fingers. I picked out the yellow rosebud flannel with yellow minky.
We were so excited to get the mail when it arrived! It was packaged so beautifully (I had to take pictures!!!) and the materials are soooo soft. Katie and Maggie played with it for about an hour before bathtime.
Best of all, in the world of mass-produced, this is handmade and wonderfully done! I am so impressed! I encourage you to check out her site, and look at the seasonal blankets on a deep discount and all the collections she has! And don't forget to sign up for the monthly contest!!!

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