Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reindeer games

Last Friday Katie, Maggie and I braved the chill to go see real, live reindeer in Rohrerstown. I thought the event would be more of go up and take a look at the reindeer, which led to my confusion when we pulled into the parking lot and saw a line wrapped around the front of the building. I packaged Maggie in coats and blankets in the stroller and Katie had on her puffy coat, hat and mittens and we made it maybe 5 or 10 minutes in line before Maggie's eyes were tearing from the cold. The couple in line in front of us were frustrated by the line and had what looked to be a 2 year old, so the husband went inside to see what was going on that the line was so long. When the report was that it weaved inside also, but we were welcome to go in and "see" the reindeer, but had to stay in line to pet them, we jumped out of line with them to go see the reindeer. Katie was crushed that she didn't get her picture with the reindeer but we went ahead to the free crafts table for her to make an ornament. As we were leaving the line went down considerably, so in line we went.

When we were only 2 kids away from the reindeer, Katie decided she didn't want to see them anymore. Like any good mother, I told her we waited in line and she was going to get her picture with the reindeer so Maggie could see why we made her wait in the long, cold line.

The greatest novelty to Katie was seeing Mrs. Claus! She talked with Katie then introduced her to Santa. Our talkative Katie got shy and forgot what she wanted for Christmas...
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