Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back in the classroom

On Tuesday I got to go along to Katie’s school to be a parent helper and made reindeer with the kids in her class. It was so much fun to see her in action! I thought that I would post how we made it in case anyone was stuck inside with all the snow and ice!

Preschool Craft—Reindeer centerpiece

Wash out an orange juice container and dry. Cover with brown construction paper.

For cutting practice, draw a triangle on brown construction paper for the head. It should be the height of the can. Glue the head to the can, making sure that the point is at the bottom for the nose.

Glue on the eyes—either plain circles or crafty googly eyes. Glue on a red pompom nose.

For the ears, start with a 2.5 inch brown circle. Have your child draw a line down the center on their own and cut that line. Place a dab of glue on the tip and glue to the back of the corners of the head.

For the finishing touch, cut off some pine branches for antlers and just place in the can!
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