Monday, January 17, 2011

Late November/Early December recap

With some computer issues (yes with the new computer...ugh!) we were a little behind on sharing some pictures that were going on. Maggie's latest time consumer is playing with the dollhouse/calico critter houses. We even need to do a hand check to make sure the pieces stay with the houses and don't end up at church or the grocery store with us, tightly held in her fist.

Katie and Maggie enjoyed chocolate advent calendars from Uncle Doug and Brittany (Maggie's pleading eyes for more than one piece of chocolate each night...) and the wall calendar is from my Mom and Dad last year. This year the girls had to take turns, but they were pretty good about it.

Of course Maggie with the dancing Hallmark snowman and penguin...we have several movies with this too but at the moment I'll spare you. = )

The three cute girls on the quilt blanket and 2 pictures from when Becky turned 2 months old on November 28th.
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