Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If you are thinking of buying stock this year, go with....

...any sort of children's medicine....tylenol, motrin, mucinex....

I'm thinking it isn't great that when I took Becky to the doctor today, the nurse asked me what girl was sick this week. Yep...we even got the same exam room as we had last week. If we keep it up, maybe they will give us a drawer to keep extra diapers and wipes in.

Maggie started us off with this a day or two before Christmas and continued through until Tuesday when we took her to the doctor for a double ear infection. Katie started to pick it up and was a miserable mess for a few days, but at least she was on vacation so she didn't have to miss school. John and I then got it, and now sweet little Becky is bringing up the sick train.

All I can say is, that goodness for insurance, though those copays add up.

And to top it off, our computer needed a little hard drive surgery that John was able to do in the triage area. Now that the computer is as good as new, I need to add some fun pictures and movies to share.

On that note, Becky decided that her nap is over. = )

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