Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Highlights

I've decided to coin a new word, to better describe what I tend to do with my postings: brogging (bragging + blogging). I can't help it if I love my girlies and want to share their cuteness with everyone, and I really don't mean it as bragging (OK, maybe the Mathlete Katie stuff), but I'm sure it can come off that way at times. So here's today's installment of me brogging:

(for Josie--Margie is on our long list of approved nicknames) "Monkey see, monkey do" is always on at our house, and here's the latest. Katie is big on trying to be a "big scary monster" (you have to imagine that drawn out and in her deepest voice), especially in her Dinosaur towel (thanks, Uncle Joe!), and I'm usually in the role of shrieking "Ah!" in response to Katie's "Boo!" Maggie thinks this is great entertainment--the more I sound like a frightened little girl the better. Now MJ has taken this to the next level, and has her own little "mmbuh!" She absolutely squeals with delight with our new little game.

(I think Katie and I are equally responsible for her getting that nickname) After lunch today, Katie and I shared a couple of little 100 calorie (or "10-hundred gallons of sugar," according to Katie's interpretation of the wrapper) candy bars, which we agreed were quite good. A few minutes later Angel had one, and our crafty little manipulator did her loudest and most obvious sniffing of the air (which is actually her exhaling through her nose, because it's louder--which by the way she cannot ever seem to do when we're trying to get her to blow her nose...) and said, "Mmm. That sure does smell delicious, you know" with theatrical innocence in full gear. It might have actually worked for her, but we were laughing too hard and too long. I'd like to think that this must have been what I was like as a kid, but I know I probably never came close to her level of cuteness.

P.S. Hope you all got to enjoy the Penguins' amazing playoff run, culminating in an exciting Game 7 upset of the RedWings. Now we just need the Pirates to turn it on and we can go 3 for 3 this year. Let's Go Bucs!

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  1. I've used that trick to get more food, too. Let's go Bucs--only 4 games out (of course now that we mentioned that they'll lost 5 of 8).


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