Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A couple of quick notes about the world's most adorable kids (mine!):
Monday at lunch Katie reminded us that she was going to have another hay ride at school (a while back they had a field trip that involved a hay ride, so in her wonderfully creative mind "field trip" and "hay ride" are synonymous), except this time they were going to walk. That's our Katie! (maybe we'll get around to posting pics from the field trip to Fun Fort)

Little Miss Margaret is getting closer and closer to walking. This is both exciting and scary, because she is continuously finding more things to get into (baby-proofing the second time around is a lot harder for some reason). She got a special treat on Mother's Day when Angel took her for a spin around the neighborhood in her little buggy. She also has taken up a new hobby: ruthlessly destroying my carefully constructed foam block towers. Unlike her big sister at this stage, Maggie charges forward without fear or hesitation, and doesn't even flinch as she wreaks her havoc. Good thing for her she's ridiculously cute! (we'll try to get some pics of my towers posted as well--OK, Mags, too!)

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