Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Captain's blog

Yeah, I know that's kind of cheesy, but it should serve as a suitable warning that this post is not from Angel.
I've been meaning to "contribute" for a while, but now I've got something I can't resist sharing: Katie is a mathematical genius. Don't misunderstand--I'm very proud of all of the things our girls do well (really, I'm proud of almost everything they do, potty accidents excluded), but if you know me you should expect a little extra pride whenever academics (math especially) are involved.
OK, so you may have already heard of Katie's ability to add and subtract in her head without even thinking about it. Well, just the other day, she was doing division with the same natural ease. She was telling us about a race she was going to have, and the winners (everyone who won or didn't win) would get this 8-pack of "gatterade" (similar to "ater-gade") that she was holding. Just for fun, I asked her if there were 4 people racing, how many bottles would each one get? Without hesitation, "Two." Just like that. What if there were 2 racing? "Um, four." OK, what if there were 8 people? "One." By this point Angel could tell I was getting extremely excited, so she decides to go one further, "What if there were 6 people in the race?" Katie: "Forty-seven hundred." Rats. But then after thinking for a second, she says "One, and then there's two left." Haha! Genius! Not only division, but remainders! She can also count to 150 completely on her own now without looking at the numbers (an elementary principal told us the expectation coming out of kindergarden is counting to 20--ha!).
Thank you for letting me brag about my kid. I'll work on getting some pictures on soon (I just may start doing this on a semi-regular basis).


  1. Look out! You've got a genius on your hands. If you guys move back out to the 'burgh, I'll reserve a spot for her in 12 years for AP Calc.

  2. Further evidence of her mathematical prowess: This morning on Sesame Street they were doing a game adding eggs. Due to some weird formatting issue at the station, the edges of the frame were off our screen. That is important to note because for both additions (2+1 and 3+3), Katie got the right answer in spite of the misleading visual (not all 3 and 6 eggs were visible, respectively). I'm telling you, this kid is a natural Mathlete.


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