Monday, February 9, 2009

Meet Marlo


Marlo is a little resin cat that 'hangs' off of things. We adopted him from the impulse buy section of ACMoore (isn't that whole store impulse buy anyway?) and have invented a little Where's Waldo game.

Rules: Marlo must be hanging on something, not hidden inside anything.

We take turns hiding and spying Marlo, which is also pretty funny to Maggie. In this game, Marlo hitched a ride on a remote control car and Maggie would 'catch' the cars as they drove past her.

In other fun family news, we are about all better from the fun virus that invaded our house, Maggie is walking with a walker, Katie recently counted to 100 and we are getting ready for Katie's parent-teacher conference. I also made a pattern for a crochet cradle purse that I'll have to post a picture of. Didn't like most of the free patterns on the internet and what else could I do while sick this weekend. = )
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