Thursday, February 19, 2009

Katie's special day

Last night, I put Katie's hair up in rag curlers. Yep, strips of material that you roll the hair around and tie the ends. We did it Tuesday night and she loved it but wanted to try it again with more curls, so we put more in. Woke up this morning and took them out and HELLO 1988! She is growing out some of her bangs for ballet so those short pieces of hair really curled up. We calmed the crazy curls a bit and I got to go celebrate her special day with her at school. She wanted to take yogurt parfaits so we got strawberries, blueberries and yogurt and granola cereal and did whipped cream and hot pink sprinkles to make it special day special. Here is a movie of the kids singing to her:


  1. Although all the songs say Happy Birthday, it was her "special day" since her birthday is in August before school started.
    My favorite part of the video is her bursting with anticipation to get to say her name and age, and how you can tell she really does feel special on her special day.
    I love my kid!


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