Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Maggie cuts a tooth

Title says it all...Maggie's first tooth! Her bottom right tooth poked through Monday with little to do about it. She was much crankier last night though.

Other milestone: same night she started to crawl backwards! She is most accomplished in naked mode right before bath, but she put on a show tonight while Katie was at cherub choir. She so wants to go forward but ends up stuck in reverse. She can rotate well though....balances on her belly with feet up supergirl style and does hand-over-hand.

Katie has been camping in her room the last few nights under a tent of blankets....never saw her so happy for bed.


  1. Hi Angel. Sounds like an eventful day at the Hook house! Where is Katie involved in the cherub choir?

  2. She sings at our church--Christ Church UCC right across from Brothers Pizza and beside Dominos...coming soon: video of her singing (or looking around at the other kids in choir)


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