Friday, November 21, 2008

It's snowing!

We are getting our first day of snow this season (over an inch already) and Katie is up at Grandma and Pappa's for the weekend. We are going to miss her so much but she was so excited between the snow and her trip. She was up and when she saw the snow was pulling on her winter jacket, boots, and mittens ready to has been pretty lonely here for the last few hours while Maggie has been napping.

Katie has been really excited about crafts and has made a few ornaments so far with pipe cleaners and beads. It isn't even December yet, so our house will be covered soon....she is taking orders though watch her pricing.....= ) Some items sell at 4090 dollars and others for 50 cents. She does have a credit card swiper on her cash register.

Katie did a really cute job singing with the cherub choir this Sunday. She can't wait, they sing 2 times in December (one is Christmas Eve service in the evening if anyone is interested in seeing her in person.) Too bad I didn't continue taping during Children's time because there was frisbee throwing involved and an unfortuate throw into the congregation.

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