Monday, June 2, 2008

Cloth Diapers

When I had my first daughter, I never thought anything about cloth as an option, just seemed gross. Somehow I stumbled onto finding the 'new' types of cloth diapers and entered into this crazy world where I am becoming hooked on using these. The new ones are actually sewn like disposable diapers with velcro or snaps and actually wash clean really easily. Seriously saving some money too. I researched and found that for EVERY disposable diaper, it takes 1 cup of crude oil. That adds up when you are changing dozens and dozens of diapers in a week. and Maggie has not had a hint of diaper rash. I am not a fanatic or anything, I use disposables when we travel or if we have a lot going on.

The weird thing is how people react, like I should be embarrassed to use them or something. I think they are pretty cool, super soft against her skin, and saving 2 tons of waste from the landfills. And she gets to wear diapers that are cool colors like pink and butterfly print.

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  1. Awesome blog Angel! That is great that you are using cloth diapers, I think I might next time around.


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