Monday, April 25, 2011

Sick Days...

Pro...John taking care of the girls all day for several days in a row.

Con...I'm in too much pain to enjoy it.

Pro...Urgent Care turned out to be a pleasant experience on Easter.

Con...24 hour CVS was NOT. a bag full of medicine, gatorade and cough drops to get me through...

Con...I'm impatient...I mean it has been 24 hours...shouldn't I be feeling almost fantastic yet?

Pro...I wasn't labeled a hypocondriac and sent home after they pocketed my money.

Con...I have strep throat and I only ever remember hearing kids get for my take home treat for volunteering at Katie's school.  (Though I would still do it again because it was a lot of fun, just be labeled as the weirdo mom with the mask on to not catch all their germs....)  I also got a side of a killer sinus infection that is also killing my ears and making it a little tough to I've had much better weekends...

Pro...I have lots of fun blog reading to catch up on when I'm up to it.

Con...I probably missed all the Silhouette giveaways that was going on.  Oh well...always next month, right?

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  1. I do hope you're feeling better! Just stopped by to let you know I featured your Corsage shirt and leggings on my post today.
    Clothes upcycling one month challenge

    I'm doing a 1 month clothes upcycling challenge, and am slowly featuring those who have linked up! I've also upgraded my linky account to thumbnail pictures. Feel free to resubmit your link if you like with a picture. I'm going to try and get them all put in as pictures and gradually replace the text link completely (don't worry I won't delete your link!)

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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