Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday think I'm getting sick so I just drank a glass of OJ.  Started to feel worse but still managed to drag myself and the three girlies to the church for cherub choir practice.  Katie is upset that we didn't stay for Ash Wednesday service, especially since Pastor Carol had a wonderful banner that the congregation was going to make during the service, but I just didn't feel great.  I get home and finally feel like the mucinex is starting to kick in just in time to get the girls ready for bed and everything ready for school pictures tomorrow for Katie.  So while the girls are burning off their energy in the trampoline, I thought that I would share a fun highlight of my afternoon....

My Very Vera Crayon Roll Up was featured today on One Pretty Thing...I feel so honored!

I also was awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by Joy!

So before I can do anything else, I better get some cute kids in bed just in case I want to attach the skirt lining of Becky's dress while I watch Off The Map...

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