Friday, November 5, 2010

One week

It is amazing how much time is flying by with our little Becky, Maggie and Katie. Within the last week, Becky went on her first car trip to Grandma's to visit Uncle Doug and Brittany, Aunt Glenda, and lots of other friends and family. She did really well (thank you Doug for the batteries from Walmart for the swing...) It was a short visit, but Thanksgiving will be here soon.

I love how Becky reacts to her sisters' voices, how she can look at us with an amused expression (so this is my family?) and she started to suck on her right hand, so yep, my guess is that we will have a trio of thumb suckers.

Katie's busy in first grade, loving math and learning about shapes and vertices, and writing in her diary. We are getting in a great routine, sometimes only going out in the evening for choir and dance class...well, since Katie gets home from school around 4, there isn't much time for homework, supper, bath and playtime as it is. Maggie gets lots of big sister practice in the morning while Katie is at school and today she happily went with me to BJs for lunch ( my defense it was chicken tenders, meatballs and bread and she fell asleep on the drive home) today. She loves having her hood up, and strings to tie on the waist of her pants, and collects bouquets of leaves.

So in one week we:
eat roughly 28 bowls of cereal
change about 140 diapers
scrub the kitchen floor three times (at least under the kitchen table)
do 5 homework assignments with Katie
trip over mommy's shoes several times when I kick them off in the hallway instead of putting them away.

A week isn't long (except when it is, and you know THOSE weeks...) but when it is 1/5 of Becky's life, I'm sad that it is moves so fast....

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